Merchant Processing

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Merchant Processing

Today's technology allows for any person with an amazing idea, incredible invention or creative mind to start their own business and become their own boss.  Bocivus wants to help YOU create a success business online.  We have the knowledge, tools and integrations to help make your new business idea a success.

Get Paid Quicker

Many companies and individuals just want to be able to accept payments online.  We have a solution for you!  With Bocivus Solutions Secure Online Payment Forms, you can accept payments online for any purpose.  Whether you want to accept a single payment or want to accept recurring payments, we have a solution for your business.

In order to accept online payments you will need a valid & compliant merchant account. Don't Worry, We Can Help. The process is simple. Just select, "Find Me a Merchant Account" on the Payment Form Setup. We will refer you over to a great merchant processing partner for special rates!

What is a Merchant Processor?

his is a type of bank account that allows you to accept payments cards such as credit cards and/or debit cards. The merchant processor handles the processing and transfer of funds from payer account to payee account.  This video explains the relationship between Merchant Processor <<  Payment Gateway << Payment Form << Customer. The payment gateway acts as an intermediary between your Payment Form & Your Merchant Processor.  They handle the secure transfer of credit card information and customer information management.

We can have your online payment form up and running in no time.  It's simple.  Visitors will be guided to a SSL Secured online payment form where they will be asked to submit the necessary information; Name, Company, Email, Phone, Credit Card Info, Billing Address, Payment Type, etc.  We can integrate virtually any information that you would like to collect (within PCI compliance standards and adhering to your Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions).  Once they have filled out the necessary information, they accept your Terms & Conditions, and Click Submit.  You Get Paid, They Pay on Time and Everyone is happy!  To get started, Follow our 3-Step 'Getting Started' Guide.

Once a customer submits their secure online payment two notifications will be sent.  One is an administrator notification.  This will be an email that is automatically sent to you as the administrator.  We can set this up for any valid email that you would like.  The second is to the payee.  Upon their submission, there is an automatically generated email which we can tailor to say anything you would like.  Thank your customer, Supply a Transaction ID, Showcase More Services they might not know about.  We can make it say whatever you want!

On-Screen Confirmations

When a customer submits their payment, not only will they receive an email notification, they will also see a on-screen confirmation that their payment was accepted.  We can customize this notification to say whatever you would like.

Can I View Past Payments?

Yes.  All submitted forms are transformed into entries.  These entries show all the valid fields in which are displayed on the form.  It also shows the payment date, payment transaction ID, whether it was captured or declined, anything you need.  These entries are saved directly into the database which is backed up on a daily basis.  You have nothing to fear, Bocivus has your back.